Jakub Galczynski

Team : Farmer Payne Architects

Board Director : Bozeman Sculptor Park

Certifications : LEED Green Associate

Education :  Bachelors in Environmental Design (2012) .  Masters Architecture (In-Progress)

Previous Work : Love Schack Architecture (2016-2018) , Vera Iconica Architecture (2014-2015), & E/Ye Design (2012)

Jakub is a Project Manager at Farmer Payne Architects. He is drawn to the poetic and theoretical aspects of the design practice. Jakub grew up studying Sculpture and Architecture in Chicago, IL. He studied Architecture in Bozeman, Montana (USA) from 2005-2012, before starting his career in Jackson, WY (USA). Jakub has worked on a variety of project types, including collaborations with sculptors. His design interests lie in contemporary work with a strong connection or intentful dis-connect to nature. When Jakub is not in the office, he enjoys observing nature and trail running in the mountains with his partner Delilah. He trains and competes at the 100 mile distance.

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