IHS Salon

Chicago, Illinois

Inga Hair Studio, also known as IHS, is a Chicago based hair salon composed of stylists and colorists that deliver premium service to both men and women, of all ages. The design intent was to rebrand the salon.
The design for IHS include replacing all lighting with LED. The nature of LED lighting provides less energy, less heat, and a better environment for precise hair coloring. Operable stations are convenient for daily salon cleanups, which are a priority to IHS. The salon was designed with with three spaces in mind:
01) The entrance and waiting area is a comforting threshold between the salon and streetscape. Unlike many salons, IHS will have a minimal amount of hair products on display. This enhances both the products and general style of the salon. 02) Hair cut stations are progressive, indicating change. 03) Washing and dryer areas return to a comforting enviornment, yet private. This allows customers to relax, away from the rest of the activity.


  • Jakub Galczynski


  • 2014