Dark Sky

Jackson, Wyoming

There is a lost value in natural experiences that reconnect us with what’s truly important; finding something that makes us feel human again in this digital 21st Century. Stargazing is one of the few outdoor activities where visitors and locals, of all ages, can gather in the night time to celebrate nature.

After observing local stargazing events, hosted by Wyoming Stargazing, it inspired a portable multi-use shelter. Natalie Clark and Jakub Galczynski spent many months conceptualizing a sculptural architecture that would provide planetarium shows, serve as a warming hut, and create a beacon in dark landscapes. The striations were developed off of a study completed by Thomas Legleu. Graphic striations were used to but re-interpret the Dark Sky volume, but also to re-inform us of motions in the sky.

The Dark Sky Pavilion is a unique gathering place in the town of Jackson, Wyoming. Dark Sky Pavilion is 28ft tall, a 20ft circumference, and its form takes the shape of an organic ovid slightly askew. A tall ceiling and sky gazing portal conjures thoughts of observatories, chapels and caves found in nature. Dark Sky Pavilion is composed of a cold air inflatable shell, which allows it to be quickly disassembled, re-located, and pop-up in locations that prohibit development. In 2018 the Dark Sky Pavilion was a feature within the Grand Teton National Park, Rendezvous Park, Center for the Arts, and at the summit of Snow King Mountain Resort.


  • Natalie Clark, Thomas Legleu, & Jakub Galczynski


  • 2017

Grant Support

  • Wyoming Stargazing
  • Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
  • Center of Wonder
  • Tiny Life Supply
  • Caldera House : Jackson Hole